Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Beaches of Hersonisos

Starting from the east, one can visit the beach scythe NANA hotel which has been awarded with the blue flag. It is sandy and protected from north winds beach.
Beside it is a less well sandy coast, with cold water because of frozen water sources in the area.
Moving west, the area is the museum "Lychnostatis" are several small beaches with pebbles.
The next beach is that the water park Star Beach.
In the area Silva Maris are also many small beaches, one of which, west of the hotel has been awarded a blue flag.
Further east is the beach east of the harbor in front of the nightclub New York.
The central and longest beach of the Hersonisos stretching to the Creta Maris hotel and offers facilities for water sports.
Further east are several sandy beaches, one after another, called 'small ports'.
Here's a nudist beach with sand and a rocky plateau.
A little further west, the area is the church of St. George are three beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag:
This hotel Annabelle village, in the 'Panagia', 'Rizi' hotel Knossos Royal village and hotel Royal Mare village and Cretan village.