Thursday, November 26, 2020

History of Hersonisos

On the western edge of the bay of Malia, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, combining the magic of the sea and the grandeur of the overlying Lasithi mountains,
is one of the oldest settlements in Crete, Hersonissos, the seat of the current municipality.
The name Hersonisos due to low dry tongue (Chersoniso), which closes the west end of the bay of Malia.
According to all the evidence, the city of Hersonisos makes the beginning of the Minoan times (1500 BC approx.)
On the beach location Anissaras, west of the current Port of Hersonisos, highlighted position Minoan settlement, which houses found in Minoan jars, and specialty dishes alike say to me.
In ancient inscriptions and in literary monuments, the city determined by the formulas: Chersonasos, Cherronasos, Cheronissos, Hersonisos,
and to distinguish it from many other cities in the homonymous Greek world is commonly referred as "Cheronissos in Creta ". The ancient geographer Xenion as saved by Stephen the Byzantine ,
places it in the middle of the distance between Knossos and Oloundos (Elounda)

"Hersonisos of centuries, Issue Hersonisos City Year 1999-2002